In House Tooling design and production,
Polyrit's well - equipped tooling department offers advanced CNC machinery able to produce molds up to 1600 mm X 3000 mm.


Polyrit specializes in a full range of molded parts using  , flexible, semi-rigid and rigid Polyurethane. Choosing one of over 25 mixing heads allows Polyrit to apply the right solution to keep highest production efficiency.
Polyrit manufacturing capabilities varies from 5 grams to 15 Kg in weight and up to 3000mm in size.


Engineering & Development

Polyrit's extensively experienced engineering & development team provides the customers with a wide range of solutions by utilizing the most updated technologies and processes in the Polyurethane  industry.


Polyrit's well experienced logistic team will support any supplying demand.
Using the services of our logistics and warehouse facility in Michigan allows Polyrit to offer:
• EDI collaboration
• Safety stock close to the customer
• Seamless integration into customer’s Just In Time supply chain



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